I Tried Jasper AI for my Website Flipping Biz

Jenn Leach
2 min readMar 21, 2022
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Jasper AI formerly Jarvis AI is an artificial intelligence writing tool. It helps you write your content faster.

And they have templates and recipes for literally everything — press releases, ads, blog posts, etc.

You can use a tool like Jasper AI in your freelance writing business for writing just about anything for your client, from a novel, whitepaper, etc.

This is how I plan to continue using Jasper AI for my business…

I do website flipping

I’ve written about it before here on Medium.

I love flipping websites.

It’s fun to create something from scratch and sell the finished package to someone. It’s good money too.

An hour of work can fetch me $100 to $300 so, I’m making…

$100 to $300 per hour flipping websites

Not bad for an hour of your time.

One of the most time-intensive parts of the process is creating the content. I typically write it myself and it can get burdensome.

I already write full-time (full-time income not full-time hours) for a living so adding even more writing work to my bucket can make me feel overloaded. I feel totally over it sometimes.

So, using a tool like Jasper AI can cut my writing time in half.

I can use it as a helper to quickly churn out the content I need for my websites. This can help me cut the time to develop my sites in half, from an hour to 30 minutes, which means I double my hourly rate!

Making $200 to $600 per hour flipping sites with Jasper AI

Check out my book if you want to learn more about website flipping.

How will you use Jasper AI?

There are so many uses for it.

If you’re not using it already, there’s room to, in your business.

Do you have experience using AI in your business? What have your results been?

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