My student made over $11,000 website flipping

#1 side business to start in 2022

Jenn Leach


Photo by Good Faces on Unsplash

She joined my website flipping course and made over $11,000 since completing it!

If you are looking for a side hustle or business to start that gives you freedom, flexibility and unlimited income potential while being able to work from home and run it alongside your regular day-to-day, consider website flipping!

Why website flipping?

It all started with the growth, development and sale of my first business and website.

The business was great. I loved running it and it allowed me to leave my 9–to-5 job for entrepreneurship.

It was a true passion project and I worked on the business day and night.

Since I loved what I was doing, it didn’t feel like work to me but in the background I was neglecting my family, my personal time and health and it was time to recenter my life.

I knew there wasn’t a space for that business in my life anymore so I sold it!