Week 4: Cold Pitching 10 Brands a Day

Jenn Leach
4 min readDec 8, 2021
Photo by Faizur Rehman on Unsplash

It’s week 4 and a holiday week at that!

This week I did some travel, spent time with family and went shopping.

You might think that vacation is not the time for work and sometimes it’s not but funny enough, any time I travel home to see family, it really keeps my son busy and as a result, I have time for work!

I did very little work during Thanksgiving week though.

For this project of pitching 10 brands a day, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

All you do is research, email, and follow up.

And, if you have the research part done, it’s as simple as a rinse-and-repeat method for emailing brands for partnership opportunities.

How to research brands

I have a tried-and0true process for researching brands.

It took me a while to perfect this method of research and it’s incredibly easy.

I employ a few different strategies that have been successful in helping me and my clients secure thousands of dollars in paid brand deals.

How to email brands

You find the email for the brand and shoot them over an email.

I have a script I use for this and I tailor it to every single email I send out because every brand is different, right?

You don’t want it to sound like a canned email so it’s important if you use a script when you write your emails, that you personalize it.

How to follow up

Following up is about emailing brands again that have not responded to your initial outreach. It’s also about following up with brands that have responded.

Emails get lost in inboxes and you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve emailed a brand twice or three times and they respond apologizing that they missed my email and then that turns into a brand deal!

How much can you make from brand deals?

The sky’s the limit!

One of my Tik Tok accounts makes up to $1,500/month.