Week 3: Cold Pitching 10 Brands a Day

Jenn Leach
2 min readNov 30, 2021
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It’s week 3, the week before Thanksgiving and this is how my case study, cold pitching 10 brands a day has gone so far…

Week 3 Progress Report

I had a lot better pace researching and contacting brands this week.

To recap, here’s how week 2 went:

I’ve gotten very busy these last few months of the year as I hustle to be able to take Dec 15 through year end off, like I do every year.

I got some good advice from a commenter and reader recently and he basically said not to go nuts with this case study as it can lead to burn out and I’ve definitely felt a little bit of that.

Tackling 200 brands to contact in a month is something I WOULD NOT recommend to anyone.

That’s a little nuts.

I’m always up for pushing myself so I’m fine trying this out as a one off case study to see what the results look like.

And if I’m happy with the outcome, I would outsource this in the future, for sure.

To be honest, I’m not even close to that number yet (200 brands for the month). I’ve reached out to dozens of companies but if I look back through my outreach, I’m not even at 50% of goal.

Still, I’m hopeful and this process is kind of fun. I get excited at the prospect of working with new brands and sharing them with my audience.

What’s Week 4 Looking Like

It’s Thanksgiving week, eek.

I’ll be traveling and I don’t see myself doing much work at all.

It’s a time for family, shopping, cooking, giving thanks and enjoying some time off.

Look out for the week 4 progress report coming very soon.

Have you been doing cold outreach to brands? How have your results been?

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