Stupid Simple SEO Review | Learning SEO for Your Business

  • Why you need SEO for your business
  • What is Stupid Simple SEO
  • Our Impression of the Course and Recommendation

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. I won’t bore you with a long explanation here but in a nutshell, it’s the stuff that gets your content found on Google. This is important because you want your business to get traffic from the internet.

What is Stupid Simple SEO?

  • Blog Analytics Dashboard
  • Phase 1: Build
  • Phase 2: Design
  • Phase 3: Create
  • Phase 4: Promote
  • BONUS (part 2)

What’s Included in the Stupid Simple SEO course?

What’s in the Welcome Section?

You will learn about SEO. What it is? How it works? And, related important info like how to track your SEO progress, and much more.

What’s in the Blog Analytics Dashboard?

This is about the blog analytics dashboard. Can’t reveal too much about this section without giving away the course. It’s useful and helpful.

What’s in Phase 1?

Phase 1 is about your startup into this project of building SEO for your website.

What’s in Phase 2?

Phase 2 is 19 lessons long and covers design.

What’s in Phase 3?

This is about creating, in phase 3.

What’s in Phase 4?

Phase 4 is about promotion. You will learn about backlinking, competitor backlinks, the importance of links and link building, etc.

What’s in the BONUS section?

Seven bonuses that complement the course, designed to help you:

  • Rank and track your rankings
  • Land guest post links
  • And, much more!

What’s in the BONUS-2 section?

The final bonus section is dedicated to sponsorships. I won’t say much more about this section as to not give away the course.

What’s the Stupid Simple SEO price?

This SEO course is full of awesome knowledge, info, and education to help you boost your rankings on Google and SEO your entire site. People, myself included are loving the course. The creator, Mike has had over 2,000 students go through the course. And, students are getting results, myself included!

Getting Started with Stupid Simple SEO?

The Stupid Simple Seo login is accessible through Teachable. Teachable is a platform that hosts digital courses for course creators. You can check out all my courses on Teachable to take a look.

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