Investing in rental properties with Arrived Homes — no mortgage loan required

Is this how the rich invest?

Jenn Leach
3 min readMar 27, 2022


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I learned about this cool opportunity recently. It’s about something I’ve been dying to do for a long time.

Investing in rental properties.

My first home purchase was actually supposed to be a rental property investment. I kind of wish I would have pursued it back then in my twenties. But, I decided to buy my primary residence instead.

I’ve always had real estate investing on the brain but never pulled the trigger.

The truth is, it can be expensive.

You have your mortgage loan (unless you’re buying a house cash which a lot of people can’t do), then HOA fees, property taxes and home insurance. And this is just to buy the house.

Next, depending on the route you’ll go for making the property make you money, you might have expenses to furnish the property, utilities, and ongoing maintenance.

What if there was a cheaper way to do it?

Meet Arrived

The company is called Arrived Homes.

You get to invest in real estate buying shares of a property instead of the whole house. And you can get started with just $100.

You’ll be able to invest in multiple properties, diversify your portfolio, and get a taste of real estate investing without forking over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Arrived Homes

When browsing for properties to invest in, it looks like this…

Arrived Homes

The 4-step process to investing in real estate with Arrived Homes

Arrived Homes



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