I Tried the Roadmap to Riches Course — Honest Opinion

Roadmap to Riches course review

Jenn Leach



This course has been floating around social media for a while. It’s called Roadmap to Riches. It’s a digital marketing course with master resell rights.

So, the course teaches you about digital marketing, how it works, and how to create a digital marketing business for yourself. And then, with an added perk of master resell rights, that means you can turn around and package that course and resell it as your own.

I’ve been working in digital marketing for the last several years. I really thought there wasn’t much more I could learn about it, but, I decided to go for it and buy The Roadmap anyway.

Here’s my honest opinion…

The Roadmap Course Review

From all the reviews and people talking about The Roadmap on social media, I knew the course was about digital marketing and I knew it included master resell rights but, I didn’t know much else, except creators that had taken the course had transformed their lives in a matter of weeks and months.

Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash

One creator Abby went from being a server to making nearly one million dollars in digital marketing about a year later.

Another creator quit his $85K/year job to do digital marketing full-time and has grown to 20K+ followers on TikTok and replaced his salary (yes, he’s ade $85K online since starting) in the last 4–5 months.

These are two stories which really stand out to me but, others I’ve seen grown to crazy levels as well.

And it’s funny because these students don’t have crazy social media numbers. Abby doesn’t have a million followers, other creators have 10K, 20K, 3K, 1K followers, believe it or not, and they’re making a full-time income from digital marketing.

Now, everyone’s experience is different and these are probably not typical results but, it’s certainly inspirational.

Here’s what’s in the course…

What’s Roadmap to Riches?