I tried selling feet pics but, chickened out

So, I wrote about it instead and made an extra nearly $10,000!

Jenn Leach
2 min readMay 12


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A few years back I wrote an article about my journey selling feet pics. I decided to partake in a little experiment to see how far I could get selling feet pics.

The topic was trending on TikTok like crazy and so many people were trying it and seeing success.

So I thought, what the heck, I’ll try it too!

It seemed easy enough. Take pics of my feet, sell them online, don’t show my face, remain anonymous, and make money.

I went in on it and spoiler alert, I failed.

But, I wrote about it anyway.

Two years later, that article made me nearly $10K in the process. Here’s how…

I made nearly $10K from NOT selling feet pics

I didn’t think I’d profit from NOT selling my feet pics like this.

Although I failed the challenge, I thought, well, at least I have content to talk about my journey, what I experienced, etc.

What came from it was an opportunity to make money now and in the foreseeable future.

I got sponsored!

A few feet sponsors reached out to me for a feature on my blog. And, they became recurring customers.

One sponsor I worked with once. The second one I worked with at least half a dozen times and the third one, even more times with an exclusivity deal negotiated a few months back!

I kick myself that I didn’t think about reaching out to these sponsors sooner. I could have contacted them shortly after publishing the article and could be at $25K by now, instead.

Oh well.

Anyway, it’s funny how it worked out, in the end.

Has this happened to you, failing a challenge but, profiting in the end, in some other way?

Tell me about it!

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