I Tried Selling Feet Pics

My Personal Results

Jenn Leach
3 min readOct 10, 2021


Feet pics.

Photo by Imani Bahati on Unsplash

People sell them and they make a killing!

This woman makes $70,000 per year selling pictures of her feet.

These videos started swirling around my Tik Tok feed and it was very interesting to me.

You snap a few photos of your feet, pop them up on the internet and make money?

And these people were making a nice amount of money.

So, I decided to try it out in a case study.

Spoiler alert: I failed.

Here’s how it went…

Getting started selling feet pics

I started on social media.

I created an Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok account and posted a few pics. I also created a separate email account that I’d use for my feet pic business and social media accounts.

Next, I started lurking around the feet pic sites like Instafeet or Feetify.

I wanted to get a sense of if these sites were legit or if they felt scammy.

I joined one or two.

OnlyFans was next. I created an OnlyFans account and posted a few pics.

After everything was setup, I would interact with the accounts daily, follow related accounts, chat with people, leave comments, etc.

If you do this yourself, some of the social networks aren’t fond of this kind of content so make sure you don’t get your account banned.

Twitter seems to be pretty friendly to this topic. I found a lot of accounts and posts on “feet pics Twitter.”

I also discover findom (financial domination), which is when the submissive pays the dominant money. There is more to it but I’ll leave it there.

Never dabbled in it but found that it crossed paths with feet pic selling.

How The Case Study Went

Within two days I had a few people reach out and ask for exclusive pics.

I was offered an allowance, money up front, a fancy cell phone, and more. Oner person offered $2,000 per week and the other offered $1,200 per…



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