I Tried Faceless Digital Marketing — 4 Months Later

4-Month Update Including Income Numbers

Jenn Leach
7 min readJun 7, 2024

Four long months of documenting my journey with faceless digital marketing. I’m entering into the 5th month of this thing.

I started because I wanted to create an extra income stream for my business.

The publishing space online is changing a lot.

From Google algorithm changes to AI taking over, increased difficulty in finding freelance writing jobs, and other shifts in the space, it’s just tougher all around.

Here’s how it’s going with faceless digital marketing…

Four months in faceless digital marketing…

For those who might not know, digital marketing is online marketing. You’re using the internet to sell products.

This can be physical products like t-shirts, digital products like ebooks, or services like coaching or accounting.

You add faceless to it and this just means that your business has no face. There’s no personality or avatar representing the business.

This is a benefit to a lot of people (me included) because, going faceless means…

  • You can remain anonymous
  • You spend less time creating/publishing content because faceless content is MUCH EASIER and MUCH FASTER to create than face forward content
  • You don’t have to stress out about being on camera as an introverted or shy person

How did I start faceless digital marketing?


I started with a course that teaches digital marketing.

First, it was Roadmap 3.0…

For me, it was Roadmap 3.0.

Roadmap is a great course. You can read my review of it here.

Roadmap 3.0

It’s a digital marketing and business foundations course so, it’ll teach you about digital marketing and it’ll teach you about business like digital entrepreneurship and related topics.

Really solid.

It’s a video course and when you’re watching the video lessons, it feels kind of like you’re in a college lecture.

Roadmap 3.0 Course

Jam-packed educational videos that you can take at your own pace. Tons of material. Step-by-step instruction. Really, very good.

Next, it was UBC (or Ultimate Branding Course)…

UBC Course

UBC was my step 2.

Why take a second course?

I wanted more.

I had a bit of background on digital marketing already. I already know about digital products, how they worked, etc. but, I sucked at selling, in my opinion, anyway.

UBC was the magic bullet to teach me about the missing piece: branding and online selling.

UBC Course

UBC is a digital marketing, branding, and online selling course.

Where Roadmap 3.0 teaches you about digital marketing, UBC teaches you how to sell digital marketing.

This is what I needed.

I got it!

Then, it was SWC (Selling With Confidence)…

SWC Course

Another course?

Investing in yourself and investing in education is not a bad thing.

Would you pay $10K for a business coach who was going to double or triple your business revenue?

Great investment, wouldn’t you think?

That’s how this is.

So, I got SWC because it was a little different than the two other courses.

It teaches digital marketing and faceless marketing but, it adds teaching about multiple online income streams.

As I had literally lost my biggest freelance client of 2+ years about a week before, I needed to fill the gap, and the loss in thousands of dollars in income per month.

So, SWC felt like a natural fit.

It teaches income streams like:

  • UGC (User-generated content)
  • TikTok Shop
  • Brand deals
  • Dropshipping
  • Email marketing
  • And, more!
SWC Course

It also covers interesting topics like tax tips, effective selling, creating your own digital products, and it includes a PLR vault of ready-made or done-for-you digital products you can sell as your own for 100% profit!

Plus, a content vault for men and a content vault for women, and more!

So, that’s how my journey through the courses went.

A recent sale — Selling With Confidence

Selling With Confidence sale — Jenn Leach

There are many more than 3 digital marketing MRR courses on the market. This is light, compared to what some other faceless marketers have in their store.

Each product had its own purpose and helped me in one way or another.

See all my products here.

What to know about the courses?

They all have master resell rights so, I can resell each of them for 100% profit.

It’s kind of like affiliate but, instead of getting a piece of the sale as commission, you get the entire course sale.

That’s possible with all 3: Roadmap 3.0, UBC, and SWC.

How much have I made?

Almost $30K.

It’s mindblowing.

I get at least 10–15 high-ticket sales or so per month (up to roughly $7,500) then a lot of low-ticket sales and some mid-ticket sales.

Needless to say, I’m super happy I started.

My goal is to hit $50K in digital product sales this year. My pie in the sky goal is $100K.

It might sound crazy but, my mentor has done $185K in the last 3 months 😍😍😍

How quickly do you start making money?

It’s really different for everyone.

With Roadmap 3.0, my first sale came within 48 hours.

For UBC, it took about 2 weeks to get my first UBC sale.

And, with SWC, I got my first sale in the first 24 hours.

Everyone’s journey is unique though. This is not easy. It takes a lot of work but, the concept is pretty simple to understand.

I sold SWC within the first 24 hours!!

Learn digital marketing, start marketing products and/or services, and make money.


Faceless digital marketing works.

Hard work, yes.

Worth it, yes.

Can anybody do it? Yes, I think so.

Beyond buying the course, investing in other products or tools isn’t needed.

There are some optional software or tools some marketers get, like Stan Store but, there are free alternatives that are just as good (I use Beacons, for example, and I use Gumroad and Payhip).

Full disclosure though, I did recently upgrade to the $10/mo Beacons plan though, after 4+ months of doing faceless digital marketing.

Will I continue?

Definitely. I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Onto You!

Want to join me?

Here’s what I recommend. I would buy a course.

Don’t waste time trying it out on your own.

I actually did this and it’s a major regret of mine.

A course will give you what you need to start and hit the ground running.

These courses run around $500–$600 each.

Not cheap but, they all have payment plans.

In North America, you can start with $40 or $50.

And, in other countries, payment plans are a little more but, still not bad, starting at $99 to $167 to start.

What do I recommend for you?

Which course is the right one to start with?

If you want to start like how I did: Roadmap 3.0 is for you!

This is actually my top seller! I’ve had it the longest and it’s been around the longest and has the largest community (50K students).

Click here to get the Roadmap 3.0 bundle (it comes with this, this, and this for free)

If you want to focus heavy on digital marketing and online selling to sell tons of products/services: Go for UBC

This course is really good. It’s the second largest of all three, with over 24,000 students in it.

You get a free one-hour coaching DM/chat session with me as a bonus when you get UBC.

Click here to get UBC + 1:1 Coaching Bundle

If you want to do digital marketing + multiple income streams: do SWC (Selling with Confidence)

This one is super comprehensive.

Tons of useful, helpful info about creating multiple income streams in different ways. Plus lots of digital marketing and faceless marketing lessons.

This is the best of both worlds. Digital marketing + monetizing with multiple income streams.

I’ve been looking for a course like this for a while! This one also comes with a free one-hour coaching DM/chat session with me.

Click here to get SWC + 1:1 Coaching Bundle

What do you get from all three courses?

Community. There are hundreds to thousands of students in each course.

You can connect, ask and answer questions, read testimonials, and success stories, for each course in their Community section.

Master resell rights. Each course allows you to resell it for 100% profits. This is optional but, it’s a nice perk.

Video-based courses that are self-based. Each of them are beginner-friendly. Some are bigger than others.

When you get into the hundreds of lessons per course, it can feel overwhelming but, remember, more information is not a bad thing. And you can take your time going through each lesson and module.

There you go!

What do you think?

Do you think I’m making the right move continuing faceless digital marketing?

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