I started a side hustle to make an extra $500/month…

I ended up doing 3X to 4X that — heres how

Jenn Leach


Photo by Good Faces on Unsplash

Back in 2021, I decided to give this ebook publishing thing another try. I had been on the Sendowl platform off and on for years without much success.

I decided to give Gumroad a chance and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

The biggest difference between Gumroad and Sendowl is that a monthly subscription isn’t required.

I prefer paying a portion of the sale, even if it’s a larger percentage, to avoid paying for services every month.

Gumroad also has a much more streamlined setup, coupon codes, affiliates, a marketplace, and Gumroad Boost where they essentially act as your affiliate, referring your products for a cut of the sale.

Anyway, my experience has been positive and my dreams of $500/month in additional income were reached!

I didn’t expect to be making 3X to 4X that amount each month!