I got my second Medium tip!

Jenn Leach
2 min readAug 9, 2022
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I’m not going to write a story every time I get a tip from a Medium reader but, I wanted to take the time to share this experience with you.

A few days ago I wrote about receiving my first Medium tip.

I turned on the tipping feature and less than 24 hours later, I got my first tip!

I had no idea that I’d receive my second tip within days afterward. I’m floored!

My second tip and what happens from here

Thank you E.M!

Paypal note Jenn Leach

I got tipped $5.00 with a thoughtful message and I’m over the moon!

So, $15 in tips in a week. Where do I go from here?

Medium tips as my new income stream? They might, who knows.

It’s a great feeling to be tipped for your work.

I had Ko-fi connected to my Tik Tok account for months and months with zero tips. I recently received my first two tips there as well and it feels great!

I love that I get an opportunity to show my appreciation for other Medium writers by sending them a tip. Clapping and commenting is one thing. Tipping is in a whole other ballpark.

What do you think about the tipping feature on Medium? Do you plan to activate it on your account?

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