How to Make Money with a Car Billboard

How to make money with a car billboard?

Making money by advertising on your car is not a popular way, but it is an older method to earn a few hundred dollars. Now, it is pretty sure, that you can earn money from this method, but what exactly you are going to make, I am not sure.


  • You should be available near to the area they recommend to avoid problems
  • Own a neat & clean car with its ownership papers & other legal documents
  • Must know traffic rules without any criminal records in a state
  • SSN with maintenance insurance & driving license
  • A valid & active bank account to receive pay
  • A minimum time to drive (at least 3–4hrs)
  • The minimum age should be 18 year

5 best companies to make money with a car billboard

1. Stickr

You can earn money while driving your car, by just applying an advertising sticker on your car’s back window. The sticker is made up of vinyl & it doesn’t put a scratch when you will remove it back.

2. MarketYourCar

MarketYourCar is based in Mississauga, working since 2008. It is a good car wrapping company if you want to turn your time into cash. They claim to have an 8000 Sq. ft. area where they wrap 50ft trailers as well.

3. Carvertise

This is a popular car advertiser US-based company which you may already know. It got attention in 2012 when they put a lot of wrapped cars on the Roads of all over the US. This company offers everyone who owns a car with at least a model of 2008 to place ads on his car.

4. CarQuid’s

Just like other companies, you would require to fill out a registration form & once they get a campaign that suits your profile, they will install an ad on your car. Your campaigns may last for up to 03 months, but it totally depends on advertiser, your location & priority.

5. Sticker Ride App

This company may not put cash in your bank or PayPal, but it will help you get some free stuff such as gas & car wash for your car. You need to download their app either on your iOS or Android to register your car & start earning.

The Bottom Line

Using your car & spare time to earn a passive income is a great idea. You can earn a decent amount which will be enough to manage your expenses.

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