How to make money website flipping

Is website flipping profitable?

yes website for being can be profitable. Consider investing $100 into developing a website and flipping it for months later for $2000. You just made $1900 in four months from one website. What other investment can you get a return like that so quickly?

What are the easiest items to flip?

other than flipping websites there are a ton of other goods that you can flip like antiques, collectibles, furniture, cars, houses and more. For more ideas on things to flip check out these 10 easy things to flip.

How do you make money flipping?

Here’s how you get started…

Create the website

When you flip website you can go in one of two directions.

Buying Websites for Flipping VS. Building Websites for Flipping

Buying a site is advantageous because you can get into a website that’s already existing and more seasoned. That’s going to make it easier to rank content and make money faster. The drawback is the investment which can range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars or more.

Step 1: Pick a niche | Flipping websites

First you need to pick a niche. Your niche is your websites mean topic like cooking, nutrition, fitness, travel, budgeting, fashion, camping, etc. next you are going to pick a website name and the website anymore match your domain name. You don’t have to put a whole bunch of thought into this.

Step 2: Add content | Flipping websites

The content is the meat of your website. For content say it’s like blogs this consist of articles revolving around the niche of your site. You can write the articles yourself. You can also outsource that writers you find and hire or you can use PLR content.

Step 3: Monetize| Flipping websites

Monetizing your site means you are making it income-producing. You do this with ads, affiliate marketing, and in other ways.

Step 4: Promote your website to search engines

Promote your website to search engines and across the internet so your traffic can rise.

Step 5: Flip for profit to make money

When it’s time to flip your website, this will be a very exciting experience.

Your Turn to Try Flipping Websites

If you want to learn more about flipping including specifics that teach you more monetization methods, traffic building, how to scale this side hustle to make it a full time income for yourself, including connecting with over 700 students I have taught, check out The Art of the Microflip, my training for flipping small websites.

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