How to get Clubhouse for iPad

Clubhouse App for Ipad

I was first introduced to Clubhouse by a friend of mine.

  • How to brand your business
  • Stocks chat
  • Basketball chat
  • Dating and relationships chat

The Clubhouse Invite

I had an in for a possible invite for a while and I’ll talk more about how you can snap up a Clubhouse invite later in the article.

The issue that I had was that I didn’t have an iPhone!

I really wanted to join Clubhouse so bad I considered buying a used iPhone and using it for business purposes and mainly to access Clubhouse. I searched on Best Buy, Overstock, Gazelle and other sites looking at used iPhones to find a good deal.

How to get a clubhouse for iPad?

The Clubhouse app is in the App Store on your iPad.

So you can use Clubhouse on your iPad but can you join Clubhouse on your iPad?

After weeks of trying to hunt for an answer I finally gave up and decided just to give it a go.

How to get a Clubhouse Invitation

If you know someone who has Clubhouse and invitations available, ask them.

There are also Clubhouse invitation trains in some groups.

One person starts by inviting another to Clubhouse and then that person uses one of their invitations to invite the next person, then so on and so forth. I have seen these trains in action almost a dozen times but it always derails unfortunately.

How to Get on Clubhouse for iPad

This is how I got on Clubhouse for iPad.

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