How Much to Charge For Your Feet Pics? Earn $200 a Day!

Jenn Leach
5 min readDec 19, 2023
Photo by Jonathan Zerger on Unsplash

Selling feet pics has become a popular trend in recent years, especially within the realm of online platforms and social media.

With an increasing demand for unique and diverse content, individuals have found a niche market where they can monetize their feet by catering to specific fetishes or aesthetic preferences.

There are over 2 million users who search for feet pictures every month. This gives a good idea for the increasing demand of feet pictures in the fetish market.

Sites like FunwithFeet exist, helping bridge the gap between feet enthusiasts and feet models so they can do business online.

Keep reading to learn how much to charge for your feet pics, what to consider, and how some foot models make up to $200+ per day with feet pics!

The Growing Demand for Feet Pictures Online

The growing demand for feet pictures in the digital market can be attributed to various factors such as the rise of online communities and the increasing acceptance of alternative forms of self-expression.

As more people discover this unconventional way to make money, the demand continues to grow, creating opportunities for individuals to capitalize on their unique assets.

Determining the right price for your feet pics is crucial to maximize your earnings and attract potential buyers.

Factors such as the quality of the pictures, your reputation in the market, and the level of customization offered can all influence the pricing strategy.

Conducting market research, considering competitors’ prices, and seeking feedback from customers can help you find the sweet spot that balances profitability and customer satisfaction.

How much to charge for your feet pics?

When deciding how much to charge for feet pictures, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure fair compensation for your unique content.

Factors such as picture quality, exclusivity, and the platform’s market trends play a crucial role in determining your pricing strategy.

Take the time to research the prevailing rates on your chosen platform, analyzing what similar content is being charged. This research can provide valuable insights into setting competitive prices that align with the value you bring to the market.

Remember to factor in any platform fees when deciding how much to charge for your feet pictures, ensuring that your pricing not only reflects the quality of your content but also covers associated costs.”

It can be tricky to set prices for feet pics.

According to Reddit, here is some of the advice current sellers have on feet pic pricing:

  • $20 per pic
  • Higher prices for guy feet pics, like $120 for 5 pics
  • $2 to $5 per pic and $5 to $15 per minute video

As a foot model, the ball is in your court. You have a lot of control over the pricing of your feet pics.

Here are some things to consider:

  • High-quality and high-resolution photo quality of your images
  • Angles and lighting
  • Editing and retouching
  • Your unique selling proposition

High-quality photos

Photo by Kai Cheng on Unsplash

The quality of the pictures plays a significant role in determining the price of your feet pics.

High-resolution images with clear details and attractive angles are more likely to command a higher price as they are perceived as more valuable by potential buyers.

Investing in good lighting, proper editing techniques, and using professional equipment can enhance the overall quality and increase the perceived value of your feet pics.

Additionally, consistently delivering high-quality pictures can help build trust and establish a reputation for excellence in the market.

High-resolution photos

High-resolution images are important in the market of feet pics as they allow potential buyers to closely examine the details and intricacies of your feet.

These images provide a more immersive experience for the buyer, enabling them to appreciate the aesthetics and uniqueness of your feet.

Moreover, high-resolution images also showcase your professionalism and dedication to providing top-notch content, which can attract more discerning buyers willing to pay a premium price for your feet pics.

Angles and the right lighting

Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

This is about being creative with your angles and foot poses. The right lighting is also so important. You want bright, well-lit photos. No dark images. Crisp, clear photography that highlight every detail of your images is what buyers are seeking.

Editing and retouching

It just doesn’t start at taking awesome photos. Photo editing and retouching happens.

This is where you can make small corrections in the photos or larger changes like removing the background, improving the warmth of photos and other changes.

I want to note that this is something that all feet picture sellers do not do but, if you do it, they can potentially add a lot to your photos and attract more buyers.

What’s your unique selling proposition?

Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

What makes you stand out from the competition? When feet pic buyers look at your content, what will they fall in love with? What will capture their attention?

  • Unique feet attributes
  • Creative foot poses and angles
  • Themed photography
  • Special skills or talents
  • Niche market

What do you think?

Setting pricing for your feet pics isn’t as tough as you might think. Consider these tips to figure out the best price for your feet photos.

And yes, $200 a day is possible selling feet pics, like this woman making $5K/month on FunwithFeet with feet pics and videos!

Good luck!