A Day in the Life as a Blogger

Jenn Leach
5 min readOct 31, 2021
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I started blogging around 7 years ago.

Since my start I’ve created and grown dozens of blogs for my personal use and for the purpose of flipping.

Today, I run 3 blogs.

One blog I’m active with and 2 others I’m not as consistent with. If you’re curious about what bloggers do all day, this is a sneak peek!

Here’s a look at a day in the life as a blogger.

7am — My day starts

I spend the morning getting my son ready for school. This involves making his school lunch, getting him dressed, breakfasted, and off on the bus to school.

8am — Chill time

By 8am he’s been picked up and it’s time for me to slowly start my day.

I spend the first hour from 8am to 9am getting myself ready for the workday.

When I used to work a 9 to 5, I tried spending the least amount of time possible getting myself ready.

I’d have my clothes ironed and laid out the night before, have my lunch already packed, had my hair in a wake-up-and-go hairstyle (usually braids or a wig) and I’d do my makeup in the car or at my desk before the rest of the office arrived to work.

I didn’t want to give any more of my time to work as absolutely needed so this is why I spent no more than 25 minutes or so in the morning getting ready for work. I didn’t even eat breakfast at home.

As an entrepreneur I can take all the time I want and it’s 100% my time so I take a nice, long hour to slowly get into the day.

During this time I do things like brew my favorite cup of hot coffee, make breakfast (commonly I’ll cook breakfast like make pancakes with fruit or eggs, grits, toast and hash browns), then, I’ll slide on some comfy loungewear and hang out on my sectional watching some TV eating breakfast and sipping my coffee as I thumb through my phone.

9am — Work starts

Jenn Leach

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