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Some of these will blow your mind

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Ok, this is part 2 of the weirdest ways to make money you haven’t heard of series. Check out part 1 here:

Everybody knows about paid survey taking, user testing, driver jobs like delivering takeout orders and groceries but have you heard of these 8 weird ways to make money?

How it went and did I make money?

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Many years ago I came to learn about affiliate marketing.

From that came this way to make money called launch jacking which promised the potential of earning a ton of money from an affiliate launch.

I was all on board to give it a try and bring in tens of…

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It’s week 3, the week before Thanksgiving and this is how my case study, cold pitching 10 brands a day has gone so far…

Week 3 Progress Report

I had a lot better pace researching and contacting brands this week.

To recap, here’s how week 2 went:

I’ve gotten very busy these last few…

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