6 Out of the Box Side Hustles

You Haven’t Heard of These

Jenn Leach
3 min readOct 6, 2021


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If you want to learn about crazy, extreme or out-of-the-box side hustles, keep reading.

I’ve been hearing about these wild and crazy side hustles for a long time.

Many of them are untapped opportunities. People don’t know about it so it isn’t as saturated as some of the more popular side gigs like dog walking for Wag, for example. This makes it the perfect opportunity to break into.

Anyway, here they are…

1. Selling your intimates

Selling your dirty socks, undergarments and other intimates can fetch a pretty penny. You can sell on places like Ebay. There are also sites that have been designed specifically for this purpose.

People are into what they’re into and I’m not judging.

This is easy enough to do and if you want to remain under the radar while pursuing this gig, look at joining sites where you can remain anonymous like Snifffr.

2. Selling feet pics

This gig has been exploding with popularity recently so you might have heard of it.

I actually tried this!

It was for a case study and research for an upcoming article I was writing for my blog.

I didn’t end up going through with it but within days of starting, I got dozens of people that reached out to me who wanted to put me on an allowance (up to $2,000/month), become my sugar daddy, send me a cell phone and more.

Be aware of scams with this one.

Feet sites to check out if you’re interested: Instafeet, Feetify, Feetfinder

This lady makes $70,000/year selling pics of her feet.

3. Professional cuddler

You get paid to cuddle others.

You can make up to $80/hour doing this at sites like Cuddlist and Cuddle Comfort.

4. Sell your plasma

This company pays you up to $1,200 per month to sell your plasma.

I’ve known people who have done this in the past for some extra cash, years ago. It takes around…



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